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At Urbane Blinds, we carry the highest quality window treatments by Hillarys at competitive prices. Looking for just the right look for your windows? We’re sure there’ something for you within the massive range.

Enfield Blinds Gallery

The 6,000 people ordering nearly 30,000 blinds every week are a testament to Hillarys’ commitment to quality, style and affordable blinds. Finished by hand in the UK by highly skilled individuals, you’ll appreciate the quality of these gorgeous blinds.

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Blinds that set off any window

If you're like us, the interior design in your home is important to you. In that case, you'll love the selection of blinds Hillarys have to offer. Hillarys have arguably the best range and quality of window solutions in or near Enfield.

The biggest UK blind company can make a positive impact on your home with their gorgeous window blinds. The most amazing thing about blinds is their suitability to virtually any window in any room.

In the above gallery you can see just a small percentage of the brilliant blinds that Hillarys has available. If you wish to see the whole range, simply click here to create an appointment with a rep from Hillarys in your very own home, or you can organise it by calling the free number - 0800 916 7766.

Convenient Made to Measure Blinds

Have confidence that your blinds will serve as the ultimate accompaniment to any window as they are made to measure. Simply choose your favourite style that you think suits your room best. Or are you after some ready made blinds because you fancy fitting them yourself? That won't be a problem!

We endorse web-blinds.com, who have available an impressive range of colours and styles of blinds. If you wish, you can even design your blinds yourself. We think you'll be delighted at the standard of the blinds available.

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